Club Hours:

Mon.-Fri. 5am-9pm; Sat 7am-5:30pm

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Membership Cards
PAC issues you a membership card for identification purposes. No one else may use your card. If you misplace your card, replacement cards are $5.00.

You must check-in at the front desk and present your membership card. If you do not have your card, the front desk attendant will sign you in.

Policy for Minors
To join, all minors need the financial guaranty and signature of a parent of guardian. Minors 12 and under may not use the facility and are NOT ALLOWED in any work out areas. Minors 13 – 17 may use the facility as a guest or member. PAC reserves the right to require that a parent or guardian accompany a minor.

Guest can purchase a pass for $10 per visit. They must be at least 13 years old and sign a waiver. If they are under 18 years, their parent or guardian must sign the waiver.

Dress Policy
PAC requires you to wear appropriate clothing and footwear while using all areas of the facility. NO cargo shorts, denim, work boots or open toe shoes are allowed.

Use of the Facility

Cardio Equipment, Weights, and Boxing Area
Please use gym etiquette whenever using the equipment. Do not monopolize equipment by lingering too long on
any one piece of equipment. We ask that you use your workout towel to wipe off the equipment after use.

Racquetball Courts
Scheduled court times may be implemented during peak times. PAC rents racquets, balls and eye wear for $5.00.
No street shoes are allowed in courts.

Steam room
PAC provides fragrance spray for the steam room. Please do not leave the spray bottle in the steam room. The contents ARE flammable and could explode if over heated.
No shoes are allowed in the steam room. For your safety, please limit your time in the steam room to 10 minutes.

PAC provides childcare for ages 6 months – 8 years. Please see childcare waiver/rules for details.

Lockers and Towels
PAC provides lockers for use on a daily basis. Please use a lock to protect your property. Please remove your lock at the end of the day. PAC is not responsible for belongings stored in lockers. PAC offers personal lockers for a fee of $60 per year, non refundable or $5 per month. PAC does not provide towels for shower/steam room. PAC rents large towels for $1.00.

Prohibited Items and Activities
No alcohol, illegal drugs or smoking is permitted inside PAC or PAC grounds. You cannot use the facility while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
No food is allowed on gym floor. All beverages must be kept in a spill proof container.

PAC does not permit and will not tolerate inappropriate conduct. Such conduct includes, but is not limited to, using loud, abusive demeaning language, profanity or any indecent conduct that harasses or is bothersome to members or employees. This includes stealing of PAC property and acting negatively toward and speaking about PAC staff and management. If any member or guest violates any rules or policies, we will ask the person to stop or leave. PAC reserves the right to terminate the violator’s membership.

Cancellation Process
The membership agreements are for 6 – 12 months at which time monthly dues will continue until the member terminates within 30 days written notice to PAC. Accounts must have a zero balance for cancellation to be effective.